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How Does It End?

Date: Friday, November 24
Time: 7:00pm

War on the horizon with North Korea, climate change, conflict in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran, mass shootings becoming increasingly common; the moral fiber of our society is rapidly unraveling, how will all this end?

DATE: Friday, November 24, 2017 – 7:00p
LOCATION: Naples Berean FSDA Church

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The Bible
Is It Still True?

Date: Saturday, November 25
Time: 7:00pm

There are so many religions in the world and everyone claims they are right. How can we know if the Bible is still true?

Sin – What Is It?
Can It Be Overcome?

Date: Monday, November  27
Time: 7:00pm

In the Christian community sin has changed meaning, and is now an incurable problem that cannot be overcome but, is that what the bible says.

Continuing Seminar Topics

  • How Can I Get to Heaven?
  • Is Hell Real? If So, Where Is It?
  • Does God Have a Church Today?
  • No Better Way
  • One God, One Bible, Many Churches
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